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In our Christian walk, there are
times when we feel far away from God. Mostly because as we pray, He doesn’t answer the way we want or show up how we expect. As a result, we believe God is silent and absent.

The truth is God is always speaking and always present. He knows what's best for us and we must be open to receive how He chooses to reveal Himself to us.


In His presence, we learn who He is and who He created us to be. In His presence, it all makes sense.

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After hearing how people responded to me sharing my everyday encounters with God, I understood God was using me to help them realize their own. Being obedient to His voice meant stepping out of my comfort zone and stepping into my purpose. God is strategic and doesn't waste anything. I accept the plan He has for my life.

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BURNING BUSHES IN YOUR BACKYARD and start your meditation journey today!

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Image by Andrey Haimin

The enemy attempts to deceive us by making us believe that God is elusive and distant, when in fact He is ever-present and near. Sin, circumstance, and mindset frustrate our movement, but we must press forward toward our purposed destination.  

God is all around you and is constantly speaking if you are willing to listen. Use this meditation journal to illuminate God’s lovingkindness by capturing your revelations, realizations, and reflections. Challenge and examine how you encounter, interact with, and respond to the practicality of God’s providence in your life.


Remember, God doesn’t always use a grand stage to get your attention – sometimes He reveals Himself in the Burning Bushes in Your Backyard.

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The realization of God’s presence in every moment of your life is a liberating experience to take away from her inspirations. This book is a page-turner. An approach unlike any devotional I’ve read prior. In fact, it isn’t a devotional. It is the Voice of God.

~ Marlin Woods, Author, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur

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