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Embrace God's presence and discover your purpose through obedience to His strategic plan.

Through her obedience to God's voice and stepping out of her comfort zone, Diana realized her purpose in helping others realize their own spiritual journey. She believes that God is strategic and has a plan for everyone's life, and hopes her book will encourage readers to listen to God's voice and trust in His plan for their own life.


"I wrote "Burning Bushes" to share my personal encounters with God and to inspire others to recognize the ways God speaks to us in our everyday life."  - Diana C. Lowe

In our Christian walk, there are times when we feel far away from God. Mostly because as we pray, He doesn’t answer the way we want or show up how we expect. As a result, we believe God is silent and absent.

The truth is God is always speaking and always present. He knows what's best for us and we must be open to receive how He chooses to reveal Himself to us.


In His presence, we learn who He is and who He created us to be. In His presence, it all makes sense.


Burning Bushes is a journal designed to inspire and guide readers to recognize how God uses everyday situations to speak to them.

This journal contains writing prompts that will help you reflect on your personal revelations and experiences with God.


I encourage you to record your spiritual journey and follow the prompts on each page to grow closer to Jesus and be mindful of God's presence in your daily life.

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